Tribute to Brother Joseph Coleman

an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ

27 June 1927 - 5 January 2012


The Commission of November 11, 1974

You have done well to come here today in My House until this hour that I may speak to your heart the things that I desire you to know.  This day is a special day because it is the beginning of your new calling as an adopted son going after the lost in the Kingdom. (Now the adoption is in 3 phases… so you don’t think I was adopted! It’s in 3 Phases. OK?)

Many of my children are trapped in many places and I desire that they know My true Message which I have revealed to you in a great way.  I shall even equip you My son to go after My lost sheep, to free them from their sins and unbelief.  The temple is finished in New York City and all the parts thereof according to the fashion of it.  It was finished November 10th, 8th month.  The Seven Thunders capped off your Word revelation by the Word Seven Thunders. The 50 days are finished.  It is now time for the Captsone to come down officially as the Voice of the Archangel. (And that happened November 17 and that night I was miraculously healed of an ulcer.)

I have given you a new commission, Apostle, to go forth to My people with the Captsone Message.  Your Word for this office is Psalms 118:17-23 and Saint Luke 15:8-9 (which is the 3 Phases) and Revelation 22:17 (which is the Intelligence coming down at a little later date. But was revealed in 1975 as Knowledge).

This office shall begin officially Sunday November 17. (That's when I preached 'The Capstone of Love')  However I shall confirm My Presence to you Friday night (and that was 'Come and Rejoice With Us') as a sign of the Power of the Resurrection being in your midst, enabling you to step forward in your new calling with faith and power.

November 11 is the beginning of your calling as an 11th hour worker sent with the same penny as the early Bride. Capstone, November 17, direct inspiration as with the Apostles and the Alpha Bride to preach My Message Word to prove that I AM Hebrews 13:8.

This shall be the Capstone Ministry which is Mechanics and Dynamics together. (And on February 23rd Charity fell in New York, but it was disguised as Virtue Power for service. And the very next week, March 2nd Charity fell as Charity. And you all heard the tape.)  

My son, My Spirit is now ready to enter your heart in the fullness and be seen upon you as a coat of the Seven Colours of the Rainbow, a sign of your adoption, St Matthew 17, St Mark 16.

I have many places for you to go and I shall send you with power. In New York City you shall preach My Word and I shall vindicate It with signs and wonders. I shall vindicate you as the pastor and as one sent at the same time. However November 11th is a hidden beginning to you just as November 10 was the hidden beginning to you also. (That’s why I never said anything about it. It must speak for itself first. And November 10th was ‘Jacob Grace Joseph Perfection’ as a prophecy for Joseph to have perfection, that you’re going to have the Seven Color Rainbow Coat. That's what I'm waiting for.)  

I shall speak to your heart by My Voice shortly and you shall understand My will for this season.  As you walk close to Me, I shall open My Word to you that you may obey My Will according to Saint John 5:19.  So be encouraged this day.  And this night at 9PM, my son, I AM now ready to speak to you by My Voice.

Thus saith My Spirit.

This commission was read by Brother Coleman himself on October 29, 2006